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So, maybe you know what it means to be “psychic."

You know it’s so much more than crystal balls and tarot cards (although both of those are excellent) and it’s definitely more than seeing the future.

Being a psychic is so much more than having a finely honed intuition - it’s about actualizing ALL of your abilities and being anchored in your own energy.

Because, when it comes down to it, what else is this life experience about other than owning ourselves and our lives fully?

(But you already know all that.)

You've gotten past the stale stereotypes surrounding psychics and you’re diving head-first into living in tune with your authentic energy.

You’re starting to live from a place of intuitive, internal guidance. You’ve been meditating, reading books and pulling cards. You know yourself. You're delving deeper into your darkness, your body, and you’re starting to truly understand the energy.

So where do you turn when you’ve got the basics down, but feel like you just want more?

Feeling in tune with your energy is grand, but you’re starting to need more.

You are so in tune, but you aren’t able to hold space with others in your life the way you’d like - and you need guidance to keep your energetic boundaries in place.

You need someone to push you, call you in, make space for your growth and energy.  You know it’s time to truly get an education and be legitimate.

You’re looking for school, structure, class and a good teacher - not simply someone interested in amassing large amounts of money by selling you their brand of truth and cult of personality.  

You’ve felt a pull to the kind of transformation that is deeply personal, integrative, and profoundly healing. 

Personal mastery is beckoning you...


That’s where I was back in 2008 when I began studying. I attended an established psychic school in Chicago, where after five years I assumed a staff role. Over the next two years I student-taught and assisted the director of the Clairvoyant Training Program. I branched out to teach on my own in 2015 and have been expanding this work ever since.

I’m Erin, and for almost a decade now I’ve been helping people develop their intuitive gifts. After years of teaching energy tools professionally I began to realize my core gift as a teacher. I am able to hold students in a mixture of levity and nurturing safety while walking their consciousness back into their bodies. Because that's where it belongs.

I bring my almost 20-year background in bodywork, nutrition counseling, and holistic skin care to my psychic practice. I illuminate a practical, full-spectrum approach to personal energy management. My greatest joy is helping my students come back to themselves where they find true freedom, relevant perspective, and revitalizing relief. While the world is replete with the sigils of magic, through these teachings you will discover their true source: you. 

Even though the personal development, coaching and intuitive industries are growing by leaps and bounds, there persists a lack of well-trained teachers and practitioners. We also lack solid educational structures for people who are looking to be appropriately trained when it comes to psychic and intuitive development.

That’s why I’ve made you this...


- Training Details -


The Psychic Training is an 8-month specialized certification training designed to develop all of your psychic abilities. Instead of simply teaching you to read cards, learn auras, or develop your intuition, this training walks you through your entire energy field (via your chakra and energy system) so each one of your psychic abilities can activate and integrate.


This training is taught exclusively online and can be participated in from anywhere in the world.

Each month we will journey with a chakra and its corresponding layer of the aura. The effect of this training is like a Whole Life Energy Reset. 

By structuring the training this way, we have plenty of time to work new tools and be with the themes of that particular energy center. We will be combing through the energy, pictures, emotions, cultural dynamics, programming, physical organs and behavior patterns that govern each energy center -- effectively creating a huge clearing at every level.

Needless to say (but it will indeed be said): This training will be intense. This is YOU learning and doing the personal energy WORK that it takes to fully own your unique energy and expression in this lifetime. 

Class SPace Opens: Tuesday 09/26/17 5:30pm PST

We are opening our training together with an orientation! We will be using this time to:

  • Go through Essential Psychic Skills and do a clean-out and prep meditation.

  • Go through our class supplies list and make sure you got everything!

  • Set intentions for your Psychic Training learning.

  • Talk about student / teacher expectations and staff roles.

  • Decide on reading times as a group.

  • And whatever else we as a group need to get ready to DO THE WORK!

After training hundreds of people (and being a student in dozens of education models) I have learned how best to help a person grow and change, And it always comes down to one factor: INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. 

Each student has a complex energy and comes with a unique set of circumstances. This training was created with that in mind. We will be learning as a group, but to honor the uniqueness of each student's journey, I have created a high-touch training.

While you are in class, you will receive a monthly 30-minute, one-on-one student session with Erin.

In addition to that, a staff member will be giving skills checks every month! Psychic Skills Checks are a 30-minute space for a teacher to take a look at your psychic tools and your chakra theme for the month, see how you're integrating and answer questions as you have them. Psychic Skills Checks are an excellent tool and they help keep the energy moving and clear so you don't get stuck, lost or stagnant! 

This education will be heavily focused on psychic tools, but it will also highlight physical practices to help bring the energy shifts home to the body. You will be creating your own textbook during this course as well. Your textbook will be the place to write out your energy techniques, your personal spells, physical practices and new pictures. I've found this to be an incredible and creative way to learn and retain information. 

Reading times! 

Reading times are an exciting component of your weekly class commitment. We will be choosing times as a class, when the most people can make it, and we will be setting up reading rooms for students to practice reading. These are no-pressure spaces: you get to play, learn, explore, and work your psychic tools.

- Weekly Curriculum Breakdown -

Our brains, bodies and humanity thrive on routine. While the monthly themes below are flexible, varied, and in flow, we've created a space for you to settle into our weekly class structure. *Scroll down to the monthly breakdown for dates and times*

Week One - 

  1. Our opening week will house our Big Psychic Class! Three hours of work together on Monday night will open our monthly theme and anchor the energy of what you will be exploring for yourself that month.

  2. Erin will release her schedule for the month to book student sessions.

  3. Students will sign up for a weekly reading time and commit to doing at least one reading per week.

  4. Write your textbook. Color, Draw, Dream and anchor the chakra you're learning.

Week Two - 

  1. Class time will be your Reading Lab, This is where you will learn and practice the form of psychic reading, This is the practice that will make you unfuckwithable when you read energy, and it will teach you to clear energy as you "give" a reading.

  2. READ like a psychic at your reading times.

  3. Anchor your energy work by doing the physical practices and homework for the week.

Week Three-  

  1. Class this week will host a guest teacher who is an expert in a certain aspect of what we are learning.

  2. Psychic Skills Checks schedule will open with staff teacher Elizabeth.

  3. Practice at least one reading a week during your reading hours.

  4. Continue with your textbook creation and physical practices.

Week Four -

  1. Wrap up our theme.

  2. Meditate like wild women.

  3. Actualize your chakra lesson.

  4. Enjoy new levels of personal autonomy and seniority.

  5. Prepare for our next chakra growth period.

  6. Read at your reading times.

So, that's it. That's how it will go down every month. 

 - Monthly Curriculum Breakdown -

Our chakra themes will include - but are not limited to - the themes below. Group energy will always dictate lesson plans. 

The First Chakra - 

  • Safety in your body and on this planet

  • Security and fears

  • Physical health

  • Money and stepping outside of financial control structures

  • Establishing a new level of well-being

  • Developing stillness

  • Understanding the womb as it relates to grounding

The Second Chakra - 

The second chakra topics include:

  • Addiction patterning in the second chakra

  • Healing family karma patterning

  • Owning your potent sexual energy

  • Boundary work

  • Developing emotional sovereignty

  • Healing the empath in you

  • Feeling and understanding energy movement

  • Cleaning out the physical organs associated with the second chakra

  • Womb werk - Healing fertility and cycle wisdom

The Third Chakra - 

**Includes a two-week break for holidays. No class on Monday, December 25, and Monday, January 1.

  • Reclaiming your physical energy

  • Working with your own relationship to self control and discipline

  • Allowing vs. Force

  • Competition and animal nature

  • Diet, Digestion, Adrenals, and Organs of the Third Chakra

  • Repairing our connection to the human form

  • Understanding death and midwifing the death process well

  • Mastering self-containment

The Fourth Chakra - 

  • Mastering ego healing

  • Understanding dichotomies

  • Embracing personalities, idiosyncrasies, and uniqueness

  • Accessing compassion and unconditional love

  • Exploring the archetypes of your natal astrology chart in depth

  • Performance art and embracing the pain

  • Fourth chakra organ healing

  • Shattering your own heart

The Fifth Chakra - 

  • Exploring authentic expression

  • Communication and shame

  • When to speak and when to zip it

  • Communicating with yourself

  • Delivering fierce medicine

  • Healing the senses

  • Clearing the organs of the fifth chakra

The Sixth Chakra -

  • Exploring COLOR!

  • Reading and understanding pictures

  • Deepening neutrality and amusement as a psychic skill

  • Creating and destroying as a group

  • Understanding creativity and creative flow

  • Healing the hormones

  • Anchoring perspective

The Seventh Chakra - 

  • Accessing your wisdom

  • Hanging out with your akashic records

  • Accessing the unified field of consciousness

  • Communicating with all out-of-body beings

  • Working with symbols

  • Healing the brain and central nervous system

  • Learning how to set the tone energetically

The Eighth Chakra - 

  • Understanding who we are beyond our humanity

  • Astral Body Healing Training

  • Out-of-body work

  • Understanding the astral planes

  • Distance psychic healing

  • Receiving collective cultural shifts and big info

  • Midwifing humanity's transition

  • Exploring mediumship health and working as a psychic


Graduation Gathering in Portland Oregon - 

A.k.a. communing. Hiking to remote locations to meditate and ground like you've never grounded before. Then on to fabulous dinners and enjoying the city. **More details to come**

Meet Your Psychic Teaching Staff


Erin The Psychic Witch - Program Director

Sun Sign: Cancer - working in: Relentless Integration

Erin is a highly trained multidisciplinary healer and psychic teacher. She has 10 years of experience as a trained psychic and almost 20 years experience as a full-time practicing healer. 

Her work and passion is centered around one thing: 

Conscious Multidimensional HUMAN Evolution. 

She achieves this by teaching classes, courses and trainings on the practical moment-to-moment HOWs of growth.

She is committed to being a teacher of true integrity and setting a standard for spiritual teaching. With that core intention in mind, this work has been carefully crafted over a 20-year career as a professional in the industry. Erin intends to set a new tone around psychic education and the healing industry as a whole. 

Click here to find out more about Erin's work.



ELIZABETH MIHELICH - Assistant Teacher

Sun Sign: Leo - working in: Luminous Truth 


Elizabeth is a working psychic witch, producer, actor and writer living in Hollywood, California. Elizabeth has trained as a psychic with some of the best in the industry. She is trained in the same psychic meditation and psychic energy healing techniques that Erin teaches. Additionally, she has worked with teachers on developing her mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and every other clair there is. She is a part of a regular goddess circle and has her own teaching and psychic reading practice through her work LIT UP with Elizabeth. As a psychic she excels at getting right to the point and shifting energy quickly, all while making you crack up. She's the loveliest truth serum and she will keep you laughing at the truth so the medicine goes down in the most delightful way. 

Click here to find out more about Elizabeth's work.


Jenny Dunham - Reading Assistant

Sun Sign: Taurus - working in: Practical Magick

Jenny is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of all trades. She is one of those rare creatures with the kind of creative energy you'd like to bottle. She is a mama. She is a creator. And she is an admin Taurus queen, making sure everything is straight, scheduled, and everyone has what they need, She is joining us as a reading assistant and will be in the reading rooms making sure the energy is in movement and answering questions while she gifts us with her loving psychic attention. 


The Application Process:

  • You can apply for The Psychic Training by filling out the application.
  • Once your application is in, it will be reviewed, and you will be emailed an acceptance letter with a link to schedule one-on-one time with your teacher. 
  • The application meeting will be held on the video conferencing platform, Zoom. 
  • The meeting will be approximately 45 minutes in length.
  • During that time, we will be going over your application and answering any questions you have about the training,
  • If it's a yes for all, we will move forward by signing your class agreement and taking your first payment.




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Paying for your Education:

We pride ourselves on making this education accessible to people in varying financial realities. 

Currently, the program has two payment options available:

Full-Tuition Payment; $5000

11 - Monthly Auto Draft Payments: $500

or two payments of $250 per month

There are 3 scholarships available per year for those who qualify. Please speak with your teacher after you apply to see if this option is available to you.